Pre-release of Nixnote v2.1

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Pre-release of Nixnote v2.1

Postby robert7 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:51 am

Unfortunately the original maintainer seems to be currently busy with another stuff and can't be contacted.

I did some bugfixing and also added some new functions and new AppImage packaging suited for various linux distributions. For anyone interested the in new "alpha" version of Nixnote v2.1... here it is -
Pls. read read release notes: ... notes-v2.1
And in case you are already using v2.0 pls read migration info ... .0-to-v2.1

Sorry to misuse this forum. Delete the message, if you find it inappropriate here. I just found it sad, if many potential users land here and find the project dead, when it isn't.

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