Force UTF8 Encoding

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Force UTF8 Encoding

Postby osamu » Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:33 am

I filed a place holder bug report to Debian package to help lost soul like me:

For a CJK user on Linux UTF-8 environment, "Force UTF8 Encoding" in Edit/Preferences/Debugging menu entry is almost must have! Thanks for offering it! But why this is not the default behavior. I know it is documented in User's manual as experimental feature. I don't understand the possible problem of enabling this feature. (Old non-UTF8 Windows?) Please elaborate on this concern in the user's guide if there is a known problem.

Also I see a spell error which needs to be corrected s/defalut/default/

See the copy of text I found in Debian package. (If you fixed in more recent version, excuse me)
“Force UTF8 Encoding” - Evernote doesn’t always seem to send the <xml>
header with notes created or edited in the web interface. This can cause
an issue with some special characters. As a workaround, this will add
the <xml> tags to notes that are missing it. This is experimental and
disabled by defalut, but if you are having issues where special
characters are being displayed improperly this may correct the issue.



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