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Heading Styles

Postby tombo » Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:43 am

NixNote 2 is wonderful - great to have a linux interface for Evernote with such functionality. Thanks for all the effort. I have one request/suggestion:

Could the text editor include the ability to assign Heading Styles? I find them incredibly useful for quickly and consistently structuring notes, especially when coupled with the increasingly-standard formatting shortcuts:
Ctrl+1 = Heading 1
Ctrl+2 = Heading 2
Ctrl+3 = Heading 3

A dropdown menu that assigns these paragraph styles would be almost as good. Clearly, a default paragraph style would need to be included, and possibly an indented quotation style. I notice that the web interface for Evernote allows these Heading styles and shortcuts, though the shortcuts might be enabled by the browser (in my case, Firefox).

NixNote already seems to handle the display of these styles with existing notes, so I'm hoping creating an ability to use them deliberately in new/edited notes is not too big a job!

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