Nixnote2 is my nvAlt / Notational Velocity replacement!

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Nixnote2 is my nvAlt / Notational Velocity replacement!

Postby iggymogo » Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:45 pm

For awhile I've been a macosx user but now I have completely switched over to linux. But one of the thing i've been sorely missing and been searching for is a replacement or a clone of Notational Velocity or nvALT. I've tried a handful of different ones out there but they all came up short.. all except for Nixnote2.

Nixnote2 has become my Notational Velocity or nvAlt replacement. I don't use the Evernote or the syncing features but been rather using Nixnote2 as my main note taking and note searching and writing application. And Nixnote2 has so far been everything I've been looking for, and more! So I want to thank you guys for developing this software. Thank you so much! Where can we donate some bitcoins?

One thing I also want to mention is that I almost passed up on Nixnote2 and almost did not give it a try because it is sort of being marketed as an Evernote clone or Evernote linux client. Honestly I'm not all that familiar with Evernote, and also I'm concerned about privacy issues and concerned about syncing my notes and data to the Evernote servers.

Maybe someday we'll be able to sync up and back up our notes to a Nixnote standalone server? I've recently read a post where someone moved their Nixnote folder into their Dropbox or Nextcloud and that's how he was able to use Nixnote on different computers. That would be my first feature request, to be able to use Nixnote through Dropbox or Nextcloud/Owncloud without any syncing issues.

My second feature request, isn't really a feature request... I've noticed that Nixnote2 can be accessed and controlled through the command line. I love the fact that I can query search for notes (query --search) and read them (readNote) and also insert or append notes (addNote/appendNote) all at the command line! This brings up all sorts of scripting possibilities for me. For example, I can run a daily script from crontab that generates a random "writing prompt" and inserts the prompt into one of my notebooks. And when I open up Nixnote I can see that new note there and begin writing. I hope this feature of being able access Nixnote through command line never goes away in future versions of Nixnote.

Anyway, thank you again for developing this software!

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Re: Nixnote2 is my nvAlt / Notational Velocity replacement!

Postby baumgarr » Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:13 am

I'm glad you find it useful! If you want to donate, just pick a charity of your choice & donate the bitcoins to it. I

As for private syncing, A few months ago I had setup a private server to sync with. It basically acts like a private Evernote server. NixNote doesn't really know the difference & talks to it the same as Evernote. That allows you to run NixNote on multiple clients (although there is no web interface or mobile app). Unfortunately I've been to busy with other things to work on it in the last few months. Synchronizing with something like Dropbox or Nextcloud/Owncloud is something I think about it every so often, but I have't found an easy way to do it. The method that was posted by storing the NixNote DB on Dropbox works, but you run a risk if you have multiple clients access the database at the same time.

As for the command line, I don't plan on taking it away. I've found it useful myself. :D


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Re: Nixnote2 is my nvAlt / Notational Velocity replacement!

Postby iggymogo » Sat Apr 01, 2017 1:09 pm

I've been testing out using Dropbox to share the Nixnote database and I haven't really run into issues. i think for a single user for personal use it should be for the most part okay. I think the locking sqlite seems to do the job? I use Taskwarrior in a similar way with the Dropbox, instead of setting up their server software, and it works fine for a singer user like me. But then also, I never sync Nixnote with the Evernote servers so I imagine there are probably a lot of complex problems you are facing to solve...

A Nixnote server would be awesome! I've briefly read about your testing MariaDB in the other posts. I imagine this would be a huge huge huge really big project itself, and complex! I don't think there are similar projects out there? Is there anything out there? Wallabag? Maybe someday down the road you or a team of you could get it it going... a complete Evernote alternative/replacement! That'll generate a lot of buzz!

Anyway, thank you for your response. I'm looking forward to the future of Nixnote. I don't how I can help, but I'll do what I can to support this project. And I'll definitely post up when I find a charity to donate :) Have a great day!

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